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Safe deposit boxes

You have items of great monetary value, or why not, affective? Your home safe does not give you the maximum security you are looking for? For the direct safety of these items, which customers deliver to the banks or financial services, Bordogna Group offers its customers the possibility to choose the safes and filing cabinets disciplined, such as contract, by Articles. 1839 et seq. Civil Code. Article. 1839 of the Civil Code The bank assumes full responsibility towards customers, as beneficiaries of these safes, which offer the highest level of protection of their objects. Since this is for the safety deposit boxes and lockers for personal items, and not only that, the group Bordogna organizes its system of modular construction, so that you can tailor-made solutions, both resting on walls that do not.

3000 E-BOX 3000 E-BOX

  • Security cabinets certified EN 14450 - S1
  • Certificazione-EN-14450-S1


  • Safe deposit lockers