Who we are

Italian excellence

Bordogna Casseforti is a leading company in the design and production of safes and passive security systems: a symbol of quality and Italian style. Founded in 1943, its technical and operational structure is constantly evolving. By implementing all quality, system and product standards, and providing 360° services, the group has embarked on the path of professionalism and quality. The experience gained in the field, the important logistical resources, the technical skills and the cutting-edge structure guarantee, from the beginning of the project, the reliability of our products, compliant and certified, each according to the specific reference regulations.

Our history

Tradition and innovation

Bordogna was born on the banks of the Oglio river, by will of its founder Ottorino Bordogna. In Palazzolo sull’Oglio, his native town, the entrepreneur opened his “workshop” in 1943. Originally the business consisted of making metal components for the textile sector and radiators for the plumbing sector. In the 1950s his primary activity was characterized by a multitude of sheet metal workings in general.

 In 1955, together with his son Tullio, the company transformed from a small artisan “workshop” to an industry. Following this process, the purchase of innovative machinery – which increased the production capacity – and the ambitious projects of Ottorino and Tullio gave rise to the need to build new production facilities in the southern area of Palazzolo sull’Oglio which would later become the current industrial area.

Our history

A continuously expanding company

Towards the end of the Seventies, based on the experience gained in the field of military supplies, Tullio decided to invest in a new adventure in the security sector. He tasks his technicians with designing safes and armored cabinets, consequently starting his own commercial brand and the related creation of a sales network.

In the mid-eighties, Tullio’s sons joined the company. With their arrival, the product ranges were rapidly modified and expanded which would allow BORDOGNA s.p.a. to expand the commercial network covering the entire national and foreign territory.


1943 -

Foundation year

Ottorino Bordogna founded his first workshop for the production of metal components in Palazzolo sull’Oglio

1952 -

Sheet metal working

Together with his son Tullio, Ottorino Bordogna transformed the company from a small artisan “workshop” to an industry.

1970s -

Security sector

Tullio commissions its technicians to design safes and armored cabinets, starting a commercial brand, Bordogna Casseforti

1980s -

Expansion of the commercial network

In the mid-1980s Tullio’s sons joined the company. The product ranges are expanding and BORDOGNA s.p.a. expands its commercial network in Italy and abroad


Bordogna S.r.l. began its certification journey in November 1996 by defining and implementing its own quality management system. Following the inspections carried out by the DNV (SINCERT accredited certification body), the system was declared compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The family of ISO 9000 standards is identified in a set of rules and guidelines aimed at the control and implementation of quality management systems in a company, developed by the International Standards Organization with the aim of improving the efficiency of production processes and service provision.

It also has the European ECB•S product certification and the NOS (Secrecy Clearance) issued by the National Security Authority up to top secret NATO level. The quality system certification demonstrates the company’s desire to provide not only high quality products (many of which are certified according to the European Standard EN 1143-1 and EN 14450), but also a service compliant with the high standards required by customers.

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Company Divisions

  • For approximately twenty-five years, BORDOGNA has combined its usual activity, initially for the military sector and then for the private sector, with the production and marketing of products related to passive safety under its own brand.

  • Thanks to the experience gained in the field of passive safety, Bordogna Casseforti has expanded its production by creating specific products for the safety of service stations.

  • The Carpentry Division of Bordogna produces components, frames and bases for machines in every industrial sector. Thanks to the size of its factories it is able to produce and store large structures.

  • The Industrial Painting Department carries out overhead chain powder coating activities, with dimensional capacities of 4000x900xH2100 and weights of up to 400 kg, respecting the customer’s specifications or defining customized painting cycles.